Tattered Children

  • Orphanage Partnership

    We like to think of orphanage partnership as a new look at a classic approach. In lieu of the traditional sponsorship approach, we believe partnership removes the many social, cultural and costly barriers that lay between the these children and real change.

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  • Who We Are

    Tattered Children is dedicated to improving the mental, emotional, and physical needs of orphans by supporting the orphanages caring for them. Tattered Children aims to equip orphanages in developing nations with accountability and management tools to better serve and support orphaned children.

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  • What is an Orphan

    In the first world, people often live in the black and white areas of life where its easy to file people into safe categories. With each category, we have a filter we view them through. For orphans these are children who have lost their parents. But is that all there is to it? It's our experience that in the places where poverty is an everyday reality, the definition of an orphan turns grey and harder to fit into neat categories.

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Patching Children's Tattered Pasts